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CAO (Classical Art Online), the first online atelier, is the brainchild of Jonathan Hardesty.

Born in Dallas, TX in 1980, Jonathanís first artistic endeavour began at the University of Pennsylvania where he started basic drawing and figure drawing courses. His drive for more rigorous and traditional training led him to apply to the classical realist atelier, Pantura Studios, to study under masters Hans-Peter Szameit and Sanna Tomac. Jonathanís work is now included in various collections throughout the United States and has been exhibited in invitational shows both nationally and in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. You can see more of Jonathan's work at http://www.jonathanhardesty.com.

Since he first picked up a pencil Jonathan has been logging his artistic growth on a website called "Conceptart.org". The name of his blog is "Journey of an Absolute Rookie: Paintings and Sketches". To view his amazing progression from untrained to professional artist click below.

“My vision is to use technology to make classical, one-on-one art training accessible to anybody who wants it. The traditional atelier process works, but is certainly not an option for everyone. ClassicalArtOnline.com allows students to receive the same quality classical instruction from the comfort of their homes.That’s what CAO is all about. That’s what I provide.”

Classicalartonline.com exists to provides students with superior classical art training from the comfort of their own homes. Traditionally artists were forced to relocate for many years while they learned their craft. Technology has provided students with a more affordable and convenient
way to learn.

What you can expect from CAO. Personalized, one-on-one classical training from Jonathan. Access to a large number of video demos and lectures. Live "question and answer" video broadcasts of Jonathan painting. Collaborative forums to interact with Jonathan and other students. Verifiable results. The curriculum is a mixture of historically proven classical methods and more current alla prima techniques. (A student can typically finish one of the three major sections of the training in 6 months-1 year. However, since each student is treated individually, this can vary based on each student's needs and the speed of their progression.)

Who is CAO for? ClassicalArtOnline.com is for new artists, artists who want to increase their skill level, and also those who wish to build a classical foundation. The methods taught on this site enable the student to paint and draw what they see accurately. CAO is not for those seeking modern art instruction.

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Whichever plan you choose, it starts and ends with a personal relationship with your teacher, Jon. He recommends you CONTACT HIM before making your decision so that he can help you make the best decision regarding the program.
Month to Month
If you just want to take CAO for a test drive, this is the way to go. At $350 it is more affordable than most on-site ateliers with the same level of training.
6 Month Prepaid
A savings of $175 is a free 1/2 month! Prepay for 6 months at $1,925. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll accomplish in half a year..
One Year Prepaid
A savings of $350 is the best value, and a full year of personalized, one-on-one training is a great way to get the ball rolling. $3,850